Friday 30 July 2010

Katie Price/Jordan wins Pullitzer prize....

...And thus I awoke in a sweat from a nightmare! Apologies to my English teacher for starting a sentence with "and".
Katie Price launches yet another book! How does she find the time to come up with ideas to give to her ghost writer?! In between weddings,tanning sessions and botox treatment! She is on a week long UK book tour(of coastal towns!!),having started in London(sea?) and hit Blackpool(one out of two) I went along to the Doncaster signing(being careful not to fall in the sea),she made her grand entrance after 30 minute wait in the glamorous attire of a grey tracksuit! Photographers were given a minute of time and herded out! Thanks Katie you really know how to stage a photo op!
These so called celebs start a publicity tour in London wearing almost nothing, then us fame starved togs up North get a dingy tracksuit! Marvellous, maybe the climate outside of London is too much for them.

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Tuesday 27 July 2010

Party in The Park

Radio Aire's annual pop gig was at the weekend, 70,000 free tickets!! Take note BRMB this is how you organise a free event without chaos!
After the has beens and wish they were agains (Lee Ryan Dane Bowers Damage etc)were some decent acts.I spent most of my time avoiding the organiser and other snappers as I was using a pseudonym and my cover was wafer thin! Leeds Council banned me from their events 5 years ago for the sin of going against artists' wishes! Can you class Rachel Stevens as an artist?
Alesha Dixon and gorgeous Pixie Lott went down well as did The Saturdays-although after seeing Una topless recently in the papers my concentration drifted. Yes some of them needed to learn how to look happy and Frankie needs a good dinner down her,but a good little pop group all the same. I cringed watching Beverley Knight from backstage(woo)I imagine 70,000 fans going "Who?" at least had they have done ,the silence for her would have been broken.

Alesha Dixon
Pixie Lott
The Saturdays(Una second left)
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Tuesday 20 July 2010

X-citing day!

Bad pun,recently in Manchester was the last auditions for upcoming series of X Factor. With Cheryl Cole laid up with a slice of lettuce for company, it fell to Nicole Scherzinger, singer and racing driver wag, to be the extra judge. Paps were faling over themselves to get pics,on a hot sunny day it was good condtions for hanging around watching filming.The appearance of a Corrie actor(Andy Whyment)"auditioning" as part of   the soap was bizarre. A TV show within a TV show?!

Coming soon to a TV screen near you,"Kirky" on X Factor, cant be any worse than Diana Vickers!
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