Saturday 25 December 2010

It's Xmas.

End of the photography year really, with Christmas and New Year nothing much happens in holiday season for commercial and press photography.Shortly I will be listing at top ten photographs of the year but for now enjoy some snow landscapes. Last couple of years winter is the only time I have photographed landscapes,something about the snow that makes me want to find cool places to shoot. I don't have a landscape photography website so hope you enjoy the three posted here.
First is Heckmondwike's Xmas lights,my old home town, a grim place in daylight,this makes it look suprisingly good.
 Fountains Abbey North Yorkshire,taken during the first winter spell at end of November.
 Third and final shot is over looking Laithes Reservoir on outskirts of Haworth, a favourite place of mine for Xmassy shots.Implements the rule of thirds nicely too!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from ImageviewPhotography

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Shakira Manchester gig.

Shakira started her UK tour in Manchester Tuesday 14th December. I was there to photograph it South American sexy singer looked happy gyrating her hips to avrious latin pop dance numbers. Including her big hit "Whenever wherever", backed by musicians from her home land her set was a mixture of folk/latin America and pop with acoustic instruments,skin drums and harmonica! A cover of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters was performed in latino style at the end of the catwalk within touching distance of her fans.Her unique singing voice suits these ballad moments of which there were a few. But her finesse is her dancing, all hips and belly,twisting to the beats.
A couple of live shots are included below, more will be added to the music photography galleries.

Sunday 12 December 2010

Snow joke.

Recent heavy snow in UK provided many press photography opportunities, with towns cut off and roads unpassable.
Whilst it makes for good photo opportunites it is also difficult to get to places with bad snow, I travelled to Sheffield and Barnsley area looking for cool shots,didnt get stuck once!. Here are some photo images from Yorkshire. Keep an eye on my press photography site for more interesting  photography.

Snow covered cars photographed in Sheffield
 Snake pass trans Pennine route
These deers didnt seem too bothered my inclement weather at Fountains Abbey park

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Wayne Rooney shipped out?

Wayen Rooney was filming his Street Striker programme last week in Manchester, next to Manchester canal. Despite TV company's best efforts to stop press photographers,we managed to get some good photos from a public cafe at water's edge! They do hate that when they cannot legally move you.
Wayne was kicking balls from a moving barge -the idea being to land them in a barge opposite,but it wasn't Wayne's day as he missed everyone. Sadly for us snappers he didnt fall in either, but I got a back page picture on Daily Star Friday  which was a first for me,so all is good.
With rumours circualting he is to leave Manchester United ,maybe United have missed the boat too!

More images at

Wednesday 1 September 2010

EDL Protest and Confederates lose again!

The much taunted EDL protest in Braford last weekend didnt really take off, much to relief of Bradford community. The police were expecting trouble and were out in force(no pun intended)officers mounted,in riot gear and Nuclear Biological Chemical attack barricades(what were the EDL bringing the missing Iraq WMD's?).At one stage it seemed there was more media than protestors,with press everywhere on the ground and perched on the hotel veranda opposite!
A few smoke bombs and thrown bottles was as hairy as it got,so the police thought they wpould harass photographers instead.One young lad was thrown to the ground G20 style!! Being stuck against a wall next to a huge looking police horse as a protestor decided it was a good idea to thump it was a little worrying.Not as exciting for pictures as I'd hoped but a few are shown.

Confederates lose again!
Sunday and Monday in Sheffield Norfolk Park wasa fayre of sorts, with re-enactments of America Civil war.Professional renancters dress the part and complete with cannon and rifle fire,plenty of smoke a famous battle was re-run. Given the close proximity of each army to each other ,it seemed to take a while for anyone to get shot! All posturing and shouting, a lot like the EDL protest! Good fun and free to watch.

Thursday 12 August 2010

Kylie Minogue goes bare!

That will set google ablaze I don't think! For probably the one and only time I'm linking a photo I didn't take.But because it is just the perfect funny press/celeb pic I thought it worth blogging. Also Facebook apparently banned it!

Kylie grabs bear's necessties
There seems to be no picture credit anywhere so apologies to whomever took it, if I find out I will edit page.
  I doubt Kylie had any idea what she was doing, her expression does make the pic, the eyeline is drawn from there to the microphone; also the bear seems to have an almighty grin!!

Friday 6 August 2010

Fernando Torres Liverpool's Number 9...9...9!

I updated the terrace chant with two extra 9's for obvious reason's! Maybe FT is signing for the Police team? Or possibly the Officer is filling in a betting slip "Torres to join Chelsea" and knows something we don't? Who knows?!
Well apparently he is being "distressed" and "harrassed" according to his solicitor. Actually he was complaining about the horrible photographer after ringing police to me! Shock horror! A rich footballer complaining who'd have thought it?
Apparently a new law was introduced into UK on Monday,whereby celebs/famous people can't be photographed on a public street, an "invasion of privacy" seemingly.Or maybe it's Liverpool FC's dictatorship towards freelance photographers?!
I would think a multi million pound footballer,returning from winning the world cup; amidst transfer speculation and with a brand new Aston Martin DB something or other would be public interest lol!
Maybe it's me but doesn't releasing an autobiography say you want publicity and everyone to be interested in your life!!
Still it's not everyday you get to have a verbal sparring about law with a top solicitor(Schillings).
 Well 3 papers may well have used the folowing pics and next day would be forgotten.Now I release them to the web for all to use as they wish forever.

 Liverpool FC have been complaining via their solicitors yet again! This time they want this blog removing! It contains allegations and deformation apparently! So here's a competition for readers of this blog. First person to email with the deformatory allegations contained in this article wins a prize. Purely because they don't exist! Liverpool FC seem to have some kind of vendetta against freelance photographers, solicitors letters ,harassing photographers at the training ground etc. Maybe they would find it more productive to concentrate on their team actually winning something this year! So Dot Cotton if you read this,better luck next time.!

Shame they couldn't name check me or the blog. Or even check their facts.
This blog is my opinion only and not legal fact or written on a tablet of  stone on a burning bush. 

Friday 30 July 2010

Katie Price/Jordan wins Pullitzer prize....

...And thus I awoke in a sweat from a nightmare! Apologies to my English teacher for starting a sentence with "and".
Katie Price launches yet another book! How does she find the time to come up with ideas to give to her ghost writer?! In between weddings,tanning sessions and botox treatment! She is on a week long UK book tour(of coastal towns!!),having started in London(sea?) and hit Blackpool(one out of two) I went along to the Doncaster signing(being careful not to fall in the sea),she made her grand entrance after 30 minute wait in the glamorous attire of a grey tracksuit! Photographers were given a minute of time and herded out! Thanks Katie you really know how to stage a photo op!
These so called celebs start a publicity tour in London wearing almost nothing, then us fame starved togs up North get a dingy tracksuit! Marvellous, maybe the climate outside of London is too much for them.

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Tuesday 27 July 2010

Party in The Park

Radio Aire's annual pop gig was at the weekend, 70,000 free tickets!! Take note BRMB this is how you organise a free event without chaos!
After the has beens and wish they were agains (Lee Ryan Dane Bowers Damage etc)were some decent acts.I spent most of my time avoiding the organiser and other snappers as I was using a pseudonym and my cover was wafer thin! Leeds Council banned me from their events 5 years ago for the sin of going against artists' wishes! Can you class Rachel Stevens as an artist?
Alesha Dixon and gorgeous Pixie Lott went down well as did The Saturdays-although after seeing Una topless recently in the papers my concentration drifted. Yes some of them needed to learn how to look happy and Frankie needs a good dinner down her,but a good little pop group all the same. I cringed watching Beverley Knight from backstage(woo)I imagine 70,000 fans going "Who?" at least had they have done ,the silence for her would have been broken.

Alesha Dixon
Pixie Lott
The Saturdays(Una second left)
                                  See more on my website Party in The Park

Tuesday 20 July 2010

X-citing day!

Bad pun,recently in Manchester was the last auditions for upcoming series of X Factor. With Cheryl Cole laid up with a slice of lettuce for company, it fell to Nicole Scherzinger, singer and racing driver wag, to be the extra judge. Paps were faling over themselves to get pics,on a hot sunny day it was good condtions for hanging around watching filming.The appearance of a Corrie actor(Andy Whyment)"auditioning" as part of   the soap was bizarre. A TV show within a TV show?!

Coming soon to a TV screen near you,"Kirky" on X Factor, cant be any worse than Diana Vickers!

Monday 28 June 2010

Press cuttings

With recent posts of my photography exploits, thought I'd post some published shots from the weekend. First was a Pic from Coronation St.Wedding in The Sun on Saturday,link here;
Corrie Wedding

Then Monday my mundane trip to the Newsagents was brightened by 4 pics in 3 papers of a model I photographed in a fountain in Sheffield a few weeks ago. I did the shoot with sending them to papers in mind. All it needed was a hot day. Voila Sunday was billed as hottest day of the year!!
Express,Star and Mirror all used the same pic. This is from Daily Mirror. The small pic of two girls in bikinis is also mine from a previous shoot.

Check out more images on my News and Celebrity site

Friday 25 June 2010

Roy and Hayley come a cropper?

Filming took place at Heaton hall,Heaton Park Manchester Friday for the wedding of Roy and Hayley Cropper. On a hot sunny day it was interesting to watch characters you see on TV every week. As a photographer they are merely actors to me not celebroties, but some park walkers thrust their babies into cast members faces for a photograph. Why a 2 year old child would wish to be photographed with Roy Cropper is a mystery. 
Corrie "lesbians " actresses Sacha Parkinson and Brooke  Vincent had a fit of giggles which made for animated pictures,one of which I have included on the blog. Asked Brooke Vincent to pose with an England flag,as newspapers will be wanting such images come Sunday,sadly diva tendencies took over and she wouldn't oblige."Not allowed to" is the offical response, translated into Press speak means "I'll do it for cash"

Fashion event in Leeds

Are you a celeb? Want a load of free stuff? Well Alea Casino in Leeds was just the place Thursday,with Fashion TV hosting some kind of event. No idea what, but the venue at Alea was very posh and cool. As usual at these events the guest list promises many celebs(soap stars)from all soaps,names that photographers like to see on the list. Basically young pretty girls form Soaps.
As it was Ememrdale were main attendees,with someone from Galaxy FM bringing up the rear. Here is a picture of the gorgeous Sophie Powles who was carrying a Kristin Stewart (Twilight) look.Sultry!
Other cast included Suzanne Shaw,Lucy Pargeter,Nick Miles,Nicola Wheeler,Sian Reese Williams Natalie Robb and Kelsey Beth Crossley(below) So some pretty girls were in attendance. Apparently they all enjoyed themselves in the gifting room, which is a trendy word for freebies.

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Emmerdale cheers on England!

Cast members of UK soap opera "Emmerdale" fly the flag in support of England football team, cast members Suzanne Shaw(pictured)
Nicola Wheeler(below)

Sophie Powes

Let's hope England look as happy and patriotic tomorrow afternoon.

Photographer got talent!

Tenous maybe but two photos from Manchester show I blogged of were published Monday. Online and in The Sun newspaper.
Two pics on left of page.

Sunday 20 June 2010

Britain's Got Talent

Haven't blogged for two years so hope to be more frequent.Ironically my last blog was on this same subject!

The Arena tour of the contestants from the recent show started Saturday 19th June in Manchester and I went along to photograph it. Now usually the media has some access to these events; but for this "offical "press were only allowed first act strangely. So I bought a ticket and smuggled in my camera.

Watching a show that has every promise of being dull doesn't bode well for a Saturday evening. i was proved wrong,in that it was quite entertaining. Good old variety, singers, impressionists and a perma tanned dance group in Spelbound(pictured).

Only let down was host Paddy McGuiness(TV's Max and Paddy)who being a former half of a Peter Kay duo must feel hard done by considering Peter has sold out numerous nights at this same Arena just on his own! He simply isn't funny, although I did smile at his leotard wearing stint with a Spelbound dancer. Britains Got Talent Images

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