Wednesday 14 September 2011

Manchester riots

The spate of riots in cities throughout UK reached Manchester in August. With looting and expensive damage caused.For the media it was good photo opportunities for a press photographer but also risky with troublecausers obviously wanting to avoid being photographed, so having a camera around one's neck was risky!
Walking around the City Centre it was both sad and strange,seeing damaged shops and people wandering about with arms full of goods seemingly careless. Whilst general public tried to go about their lives normally.

Thursday 9 June 2011

Social media for a good reason

Very short blog post,if anyone read's this check out the very inspirational girl #alicebucketlist is currently top trend on Twitter.

Saturday 4 June 2011

World Naked Bike Ride

A manchester park on a hot day, people bound to be wearing very little,right? Well how about completely naked?

Mingling with students mainly soaking up sun a group of people all shapes and ages stripped nude to promote alternative methods of transport! Quite an eye opener even for a photographer! Bizarrely no-one seemed that bothered, clothed or un. More men than women were in attendance, and with various slogans painted on themselves.I odubt it was most comfortable way to ride a bike!!

Monday 21 March 2011

Frankenstein's Wedding

 A freezing cold night outdoors at a ancient gothic Abbey in Leeds, BBC Three were recreating Mary Shelley's famous works. Ex Eastender's actress Lacey Turner and Fast Show comic Mark Williams were teh recognisable faces amongst the strong cast.

From a photography point of view it was difficult.low light ,due to TV cameras everywhere I was restricted in where to stand! From an artistic point of view it was rather interesting, I have never seen a play/theatrical event, so an outdoors one was an experience.

 Pictured is Andrew Gower(Victor Frankenstein)with the dead bride Elizabeth on the floor. With musical  interludes,I quite liked the version of Athletes' "Wires" as Victor killed  his female Monster, a sombre poetic serenade.I have no idea of his prior work but he posseses a reasonable singing voice.A lot of the scenes were hidden from audience view or pre-recorded so being there didnt have as much atmosphere. But the appearance of the Supermoon above the abbey was no coincidence I was told. The last third was most entertaining as the murder ,mystery unfolded and the monster arrived to get his revenge.

 As a free event for 10,000 people it was a resounding success, watching the TV show later -back in the warmth-it worked better. I think Lacy Turner will find it easy to shake off soap character stigma on this evidence.
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Tuesday 1 March 2011

What does Kate Middleton see in helicopter pilot heir to the throne William?

To paraphrase Mrs Merton from years ago. The slightly balding heir to the throne and future King Wills(Copyright UK population)was confident enough that the marriage was still on, so he stepped out in public for first time with the lovely Kate Middleton. The occasion? Naming a lifeboat! That old chestnut! Not quite the QE2 but you cant jump the water based vehicle queue just because your Mum died.
Taking a day off from whatever there is to do in Angelsey, the locals gathered to get a glimpse (literally)of Wills and bit of skirt Kate.
 What is it about tehse Royal visists that make locals act odd? The local council cleaned the streets and repainted road signs, forgetting William lives in the area and being a helicopter pilot has likely seen Angelsey at its worst already!
 Old people gave Kate flowers and a picture of William and one old timer tried his luck for a kiss before Secret Service shot him dead(sadly that's not true). Sensibly wearing gloves,skin to skin contact with Royal "bits of fluff" is forbidden.So everyone knew she ws going to be a Princess of Wales she wore soem hair accessory with the Prince of Wales emblem on it. Unconfirmed reports say her knickers were Union Jack design.
 Seriously the couple did well on the PR stakes,shaking hands ,meeting public freely, Kate was all smiles and seemed quite personable, so maybe with a hint of Diana's legacy going on. What will happen after their marriage when they are both living in Angelsey, can't imagine them popping into Waitrose on a regular basis. From a photographer side,it was interesting as I've never photographed a Royal before, and likely seen most Press in one place ever too.Shooting from a step ladder meant no eye contact with the couple, but it was an experience and unless a wedding invite is in the post it's likely a long while before I see them again.See more shots Press and PR Photography

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Brit Awards fiasco

Well what was all that about?! ITV Brit Awards got took over by MTV Base and no-one noticed. No award for most ridiculous name,so Plan B,Tinie Tempah, Cee Lo Green went home empty handed for that;  Professor Green was most probably left in the dining room with the rope and lead pipe trying to fashion a tourniquet.
The annual lovefest masquerading as representing UK music was in full swing,but you could easily predict the iwnners as they were ones in audience. Justin Bieber sat like a choirboy in a brothel and looking like a 9 year old dressed by his Mum for a school trip, he wasn't just flown half way around the world just to be at the brunt of one of  James Corden's ever decreasing jokes; no he won Best Breakthrough Artist! When his voice breaks through what then? Is his Mother a Stepford Wife 'cos he looks freaky.Will Young's eyes were on stalks when the two of them presented an award.
A beacon of talent was Adele just her a spotlight and some glitter singing "Someone Like You" inspiring and emotional,Cheryl Cole must have been pulling her "soft and shiny" hair out to have half Adele's talent. The jokes didnt come thick and fast as Cordon's dire presenting continued completely losing Mark Ronson with a comment about "Mark" -who we'd seen was Bieber's travel chaperone- it was neither ironic nor topical, just dumb.
The organiser of the Brits gave the audience ample time to get refreshments and go to the toilet as Mumford and Sons took to the stage, you'd like to think the silence was awestruck punters, but sadly life isnt fair.Looking like extras from "Deliverance" folllowing Bieber, Rihanna and Take That probably isnt the place for Mumford and Sons.
Arcade Fire managed to be funnier in their acceptance speech in 30 secs than Corden managed all night, let them host next year, their performance was suitably energetic(two drummers!).Rihanna did a medley of hits from her most recent album and managed to no doubt upset faint hearted viewers by stripping off her clothes. Although ITV probably learned a lesson from her appearance on X Factor as she was wearing a body stocking tonight.
Cheryl Cole got her obligatory appearance, heaven forbid she can stay off TV for a whole month, seemingly practicing some strange way of talking very-slowly-indeed, she didnt win anything thankfully so she will have to get malaria again in time for next year.
Kylie pulled out this year due to illness which I assume threw a spanner in the works for the finale,as we were "treated" to Paloma Faith and OddJob from Goldfinger doing a duet,hardly superstar material.
Dull and predictable as ever The Brits stays the same,still it left a nation with one word on it's lips after seeing Laura Marling win an award "Who?".

Sunday 13 February 2011

David Beckham back at Man Utd

David Beckham was back in Manchester for the passionate derby match with Man City. Best photographs were taklen after the game when he did a walkabout with fans who were herded behind barriers outside, once he had put the kids in the car of course! Here is Becks with Cruz his youngest son.

 Last tim I got as close to Beckham like in photo below was in a service station in West Yorkshire, he took exception to being photographed and a tussle ensued from which he broke my camera's flashgun. He apologised and paid for damage, this was over 10 years ago so I guess he didnt remember me!! Notice all the people in back of the shot craning to see him,including people at an upstairs window! Such is the attraction of Beckham Nice that he took time out for fans time has mellowed him.
Check out the website for more press photography  .

Thursday 13 January 2011

Out with the old

A blog post featuring a few of my favourite press photographs from 2010,various subjects. It was origianlly intended to be 12 photos,one a month but I didnt have 12 that stood out. In no particular order we begin with winning jockey at Grand National race,sport is not soemthign I photograph ,I was at Aintree race for the celebrities that attend. The shot hopefully shows the enthusiasm of the winner crossing finish post.

Next is a image you aren't likely to see again for a long time, an empty airport in daylight! The ash crisis in Summer,a cloud of ash shut airspace over UK for a record number of days. Seeming like a scene from an apocalypse film an eerie calm at Manchester Airport. More images at Press Photography website
This next photograph was taken outside a BNP meeting near Oldham,a handful of protesters gathered outside with banners. This particular photo I like due to contrast between old man and younger woman ,different generations yet same views. Bonus that they both wore glasses!

Another Summer picture,although it certainly doesnt like it! I waited outside Emmerdale TV studios for cast to leave to get on a coach, right at the moment they appeared a thunderstorm started!! I was shooting blind and this was the picture that got used in a few magazines. Pictured are Sophie Powles and Emma Atkins.

Britain's Got Talent competion goes on tour after the winner is found and this photo shows a trapeze style act called Spellbound at the Manchester show.One of the group is caught midair in this shot.
Photocalls for new books with the authorare often dull affairs,so is Ryan Giggs but as we did the shoot on the pitch of Old Trafford I think this picture came out well, even though I cropped his feet off the shot lol.

More pics from last year to follow in next blog.Happy New Year from Yorkshire Press and Commercial Photographers Image View
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