Friday 3 July 2015

Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift hit headlines in June during her recent tour for her outrageous demands in photographer contracts. Basically everyone who wanted to shoot her gigs had to assign copyright to her! Maybe this was why venues had strict security in place,with Ipads and tablets being forbidden to be brought into her shows.Fans could use phones only to take pictures!! Yeah you pay upwards of £75 for a good seat and then cant get a good photo of your idol ,cool eh?
So anyway,photographers could only take photos for one publication during first two songs, and that was it,no syndicating via picture agencies,no re use of picture in the publication.
 Hearing of this I purchased a ticket sneaked in a smaller camera than normal and took photos during the whole gig!! No contract signed no restrictions, no handing over copyright to a multi millionairess.

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