Monday 28 June 2010

Press cuttings

With recent posts of my photography exploits, thought I'd post some published shots from the weekend. First was a Pic from Coronation St.Wedding in The Sun on Saturday,link here;
Corrie Wedding

Then Monday my mundane trip to the Newsagents was brightened by 4 pics in 3 papers of a model I photographed in a fountain in Sheffield a few weeks ago. I did the shoot with sending them to papers in mind. All it needed was a hot day. Voila Sunday was billed as hottest day of the year!!
Express,Star and Mirror all used the same pic. This is from Daily Mirror. The small pic of two girls in bikinis is also mine from a previous shoot.

Check out more images on my News and Celebrity site

Friday 25 June 2010

Roy and Hayley come a cropper?

Filming took place at Heaton hall,Heaton Park Manchester Friday for the wedding of Roy and Hayley Cropper. On a hot sunny day it was interesting to watch characters you see on TV every week. As a photographer they are merely actors to me not celebroties, but some park walkers thrust their babies into cast members faces for a photograph. Why a 2 year old child would wish to be photographed with Roy Cropper is a mystery. 
Corrie "lesbians " actresses Sacha Parkinson and Brooke  Vincent had a fit of giggles which made for animated pictures,one of which I have included on the blog. Asked Brooke Vincent to pose with an England flag,as newspapers will be wanting such images come Sunday,sadly diva tendencies took over and she wouldn't oblige."Not allowed to" is the offical response, translated into Press speak means "I'll do it for cash"

Fashion event in Leeds

Are you a celeb? Want a load of free stuff? Well Alea Casino in Leeds was just the place Thursday,with Fashion TV hosting some kind of event. No idea what, but the venue at Alea was very posh and cool. As usual at these events the guest list promises many celebs(soap stars)from all soaps,names that photographers like to see on the list. Basically young pretty girls form Soaps.
As it was Ememrdale were main attendees,with someone from Galaxy FM bringing up the rear. Here is a picture of the gorgeous Sophie Powles who was carrying a Kristin Stewart (Twilight) look.Sultry!
Other cast included Suzanne Shaw,Lucy Pargeter,Nick Miles,Nicola Wheeler,Sian Reese Williams Natalie Robb and Kelsey Beth Crossley(below) So some pretty girls were in attendance. Apparently they all enjoyed themselves in the gifting room, which is a trendy word for freebies.

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Emmerdale cheers on England!

Cast members of UK soap opera "Emmerdale" fly the flag in support of England football team, cast members Suzanne Shaw(pictured)
Nicola Wheeler(below)

Sophie Powes

Let's hope England look as happy and patriotic tomorrow afternoon.

Photographer got talent!

Tenous maybe but two photos from Manchester show I blogged of were published Monday. Online and in The Sun newspaper.
Two pics on left of page.

Sunday 20 June 2010

Britain's Got Talent

Haven't blogged for two years so hope to be more frequent.Ironically my last blog was on this same subject!

The Arena tour of the contestants from the recent show started Saturday 19th June in Manchester and I went along to photograph it. Now usually the media has some access to these events; but for this "offical "press were only allowed first act strangely. So I bought a ticket and smuggled in my camera.

Watching a show that has every promise of being dull doesn't bode well for a Saturday evening. i was proved wrong,in that it was quite entertaining. Good old variety, singers, impressionists and a perma tanned dance group in Spelbound(pictured).

Only let down was host Paddy McGuiness(TV's Max and Paddy)who being a former half of a Peter Kay duo must feel hard done by considering Peter has sold out numerous nights at this same Arena just on his own! He simply isn't funny, although I did smile at his leotard wearing stint with a Spelbound dancer. Britains Got Talent Images

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