Wednesday 1 August 2012

Floody Hell!

The weird weather in my last entry continued into July with floods in many  parts of UK! The small town of Hebden Bridge saw the worst of it ,after flooding 3 times! I went there on the third occasion,with many roads blaocked into the town it was a journey on foot for the last mile.
These pictures were picked up by The Sun ,Daily Express and Daily Mirror

Sunday 13 May 2012


Bit late with update, topic of this post is the weather.March was a scorcher and I had pictures published,sunshine brings out the best in people and makes for good pictures,especially as girls wear less clothes.Tabloids love pictures of pretty girls.I found some students in Leeds having a break in  a local park.

This was taken at a student area in Manchester this time,a girl enjoying a book amongst the daffodils.I used a long lens to compress foreground.

 Major contrast to the weather in April as Snow arrived!! A plan to travel to Manchester Pennines to photograph scenes were scuppered when wagons stuck in snow at Saddleworth caused 40 mile tailbacks,I drove to a nearby motorway bridge and got this shot of vehicles going nowhere.

Monday 13 February 2012

A kind of magic

Something a little different for this blog entry.,a shoot with illusion act High Jinx. Comprised of Michael and Tamsyn.
I've known Michael for quite a while and this is the second set of publicty stills Ive done for his act,this time with new assistant Tamsyn. You-dear reader-may have seen them on ITV show Penn and Teller "Fool Us", I did and was suprised as I didnt knnow they were going to be on!
Most magicians PR shots are cheesy and boring ,so I try to inject some creativity into High Jinx's shoot. This was shot without flash to get the shadow effect.
  I make them perform their acts almost,in the lock up where they store their props.Makes things less static.
 The monster eyes were a little sensitive to my lights so we had to work quick on this shot ;)
 Fire shots are always tricky, especially when Michael has to wait for photographer to neatly frame a shot whilst his tongue burns! Thanks Michael lol.
So hopefully when they are headlining Las Vegas they'll hire me to be their in house photog! Until then they
are doing a Summer season in Blackpool this year haha, check their website link at top of this blog.
Hyper Smash