Thursday 12 August 2010

Kylie Minogue goes bare!

That will set google ablaze I don't think! For probably the one and only time I'm linking a photo I didn't take.But because it is just the perfect funny press/celeb pic I thought it worth blogging. Also Facebook apparently banned it!

Kylie grabs bear's necessties
There seems to be no picture credit anywhere so apologies to whomever took it, if I find out I will edit page.
  I doubt Kylie had any idea what she was doing, her expression does make the pic, the eyeline is drawn from there to the microphone; also the bear seems to have an almighty grin!!

Friday 6 August 2010

Fernando Torres Liverpool's Number 9...9...9!

I updated the terrace chant with two extra 9's for obvious reason's! Maybe FT is signing for the Police team? Or possibly the Officer is filling in a betting slip "Torres to join Chelsea" and knows something we don't? Who knows?!
Well apparently he is being "distressed" and "harrassed" according to his solicitor. Actually he was complaining about the horrible photographer after ringing police to me! Shock horror! A rich footballer complaining who'd have thought it?
Apparently a new law was introduced into UK on Monday,whereby celebs/famous people can't be photographed on a public street, an "invasion of privacy" seemingly.Or maybe it's Liverpool FC's dictatorship towards freelance photographers?!
I would think a multi million pound footballer,returning from winning the world cup; amidst transfer speculation and with a brand new Aston Martin DB something or other would be public interest lol!
Maybe it's me but doesn't releasing an autobiography say you want publicity and everyone to be interested in your life!!
Still it's not everyday you get to have a verbal sparring about law with a top solicitor(Schillings).
 Well 3 papers may well have used the folowing pics and next day would be forgotten.Now I release them to the web for all to use as they wish forever.

 Liverpool FC have been complaining via their solicitors yet again! This time they want this blog removing! It contains allegations and deformation apparently! So here's a competition for readers of this blog. First person to email with the deformatory allegations contained in this article wins a prize. Purely because they don't exist! Liverpool FC seem to have some kind of vendetta against freelance photographers, solicitors letters ,harassing photographers at the training ground etc. Maybe they would find it more productive to concentrate on their team actually winning something this year! So Dot Cotton if you read this,better luck next time.!

Shame they couldn't name check me or the blog. Or even check their facts.
This blog is my opinion only and not legal fact or written on a tablet of  stone on a burning bush. 
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