Wednesday 1 September 2010

EDL Protest and Confederates lose again!

The much taunted EDL protest in Braford last weekend didnt really take off, much to relief of Bradford community. The police were expecting trouble and were out in force(no pun intended)officers mounted,in riot gear and Nuclear Biological Chemical attack barricades(what were the EDL bringing the missing Iraq WMD's?).At one stage it seemed there was more media than protestors,with press everywhere on the ground and perched on the hotel veranda opposite!
A few smoke bombs and thrown bottles was as hairy as it got,so the police thought they wpould harass photographers instead.One young lad was thrown to the ground G20 style!! Being stuck against a wall next to a huge looking police horse as a protestor decided it was a good idea to thump it was a little worrying.Not as exciting for pictures as I'd hoped but a few are shown.

Confederates lose again!
Sunday and Monday in Sheffield Norfolk Park wasa fayre of sorts, with re-enactments of America Civil war.Professional renancters dress the part and complete with cannon and rifle fire,plenty of smoke a famous battle was re-run. Given the close proximity of each army to each other ,it seemed to take a while for anyone to get shot! All posturing and shouting, a lot like the EDL protest! Good fun and free to watch.

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