Wednesday 15 June 2022

 Chain of Evidence.

Meghan Markle and conspiracy theories are nothing new amongst crazy cat woman on twitter but I though Id write a blog about a recent one ,her visit to the Uvalde School shooting memorial.  It is claimed-without any proof of course-that Meghan went there with a film crew from netflix and/or her own photographers.
So let 's begin. The tragic shooting in Uvalde attracted worlds media as you would imagine here are images taken the day it happened May24th

If you look directly beneath photos you can read name of photographer/agency who took the images. So this is proof media were there days before Meghan arrived.

Jump to Meghan's visit

Here we have photographer named Chandan Khanna for Getty Images. In this tweet the guy with grey hair and beard is Chandan . Khanna

Here is Chandan 's insatgram photo you will have seen this published

Chndaan works for AFP who syndicate pctures via Getty. His IG profile states: "AFP Photographer Covering North America based in Miami.."

Go to Getty's site and search for pictures of Meghan at Ulvade and you will see many from Chandan:

If you look at other inages you will see photographer Yasin Ozturk. Here on his IG you can see various images taken at the School memorial before and after Meghan


His profile states his job "Yasin Ozturk Staff VideographerđŸŽ„-Photographer📾 at the Anadolu Agency Washington D.C."

Next we move onto Rex/Shutterstock and images here.

Photographers name is Jae C Hong.

In this article about the shooting dates as "Updated 25th May" prior to Meghan visiting


First image of school building is taken by Jae Hong ,further down page a well wisher is seen with a  state trooper also taken by Hong.
So thats 3 photographers all present prior to Meghan arriving and all stayed after. Press photographers doing their job.

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