Wednesday 18 June 2008

Bin there done that!

Cited as being Bin Laden's right hand man Abu Qutada is released from prison.

Apparently a leader of Al Qaeda and preached hate and incited terrorism via the net! Not just sending spam emails from the estate of Dr.Madu Frank,offering a share of millions.
Anyway he was found out and jailed but suprise suprise a judge(unlikely not resembling Cilla Black)released him on bail, stating there were no grounds ot keep him! Of course not.He hadn't unpaid council tax,or assaulted a burglar trying to rob him, no merely incited muslims to terrorize.
The Jordanians don't get him back(he is wanted on terror charges there too)so he is put under house arrest.Given a tag to wear-street cred with the cider drinking "yoof"- of today though,and must remain indoors for 22 hours a day.
Obviously MI5 are keeping tabs on him,and he unlike his tagged brethren cannot use his mobile phone or the internet.His Al Quada MSN buddies must be LOL-ing at these conditions.
But just when the war on terror(Copyright George Bush 2001)gets ever messier,a glorious chance to get one up on the Jihads is missed.Abu Qutada is forbidden from contacting Osma Bin Laden!!
Even in a cave in the depths of Afghanistan,this news must surely have raised a chuckle.No more late night texting,and that online multiplayer session of Gears of War is going to have to wait!
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