Sunday 20 June 2010

Britain's Got Talent

Haven't blogged for two years so hope to be more frequent.Ironically my last blog was on this same subject!

The Arena tour of the contestants from the recent show started Saturday 19th June in Manchester and I went along to photograph it. Now usually the media has some access to these events; but for this "offical "press were only allowed first act strangely. So I bought a ticket and smuggled in my camera.

Watching a show that has every promise of being dull doesn't bode well for a Saturday evening. i was proved wrong,in that it was quite entertaining. Good old variety, singers, impressionists and a perma tanned dance group in Spelbound(pictured).

Only let down was host Paddy McGuiness(TV's Max and Paddy)who being a former half of a Peter Kay duo must feel hard done by considering Peter has sold out numerous nights at this same Arena just on his own! He simply isn't funny, although I did smile at his leotard wearing stint with a Spelbound dancer. Britains Got Talent Images

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