Friday 25 June 2010

Fashion event in Leeds

Are you a celeb? Want a load of free stuff? Well Alea Casino in Leeds was just the place Thursday,with Fashion TV hosting some kind of event. No idea what, but the venue at Alea was very posh and cool. As usual at these events the guest list promises many celebs(soap stars)from all soaps,names that photographers like to see on the list. Basically young pretty girls form Soaps.
As it was Ememrdale were main attendees,with someone from Galaxy FM bringing up the rear. Here is a picture of the gorgeous Sophie Powles who was carrying a Kristin Stewart (Twilight) look.Sultry!
Other cast included Suzanne Shaw,Lucy Pargeter,Nick Miles,Nicola Wheeler,Sian Reese Williams Natalie Robb and Kelsey Beth Crossley(below) So some pretty girls were in attendance. Apparently they all enjoyed themselves in the gifting room, which is a trendy word for freebies.

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