Sunday 13 February 2011

David Beckham back at Man Utd

David Beckham was back in Manchester for the passionate derby match with Man City. Best photographs were taklen after the game when he did a walkabout with fans who were herded behind barriers outside, once he had put the kids in the car of course! Here is Becks with Cruz his youngest son.

 Last tim I got as close to Beckham like in photo below was in a service station in West Yorkshire, he took exception to being photographed and a tussle ensued from which he broke my camera's flashgun. He apologised and paid for damage, this was over 10 years ago so I guess he didnt remember me!! Notice all the people in back of the shot craning to see him,including people at an upstairs window! Such is the attraction of Beckham Nice that he took time out for fans time has mellowed him.
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