Monday 21 March 2011

Frankenstein's Wedding

 A freezing cold night outdoors at a ancient gothic Abbey in Leeds, BBC Three were recreating Mary Shelley's famous works. Ex Eastender's actress Lacey Turner and Fast Show comic Mark Williams were teh recognisable faces amongst the strong cast.

From a photography point of view it was difficult.low light ,due to TV cameras everywhere I was restricted in where to stand! From an artistic point of view it was rather interesting, I have never seen a play/theatrical event, so an outdoors one was an experience.

 Pictured is Andrew Gower(Victor Frankenstein)with the dead bride Elizabeth on the floor. With musical  interludes,I quite liked the version of Athletes' "Wires" as Victor killed  his female Monster, a sombre poetic serenade.I have no idea of his prior work but he posseses a reasonable singing voice.A lot of the scenes were hidden from audience view or pre-recorded so being there didnt have as much atmosphere. But the appearance of the Supermoon above the abbey was no coincidence I was told. The last third was most entertaining as the murder ,mystery unfolded and the monster arrived to get his revenge.

 As a free event for 10,000 people it was a resounding success, watching the TV show later -back in the warmth-it worked better. I think Lacy Turner will find it easy to shake off soap character stigma on this evidence.
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