Tuesday 1 March 2011

What does Kate Middleton see in helicopter pilot heir to the throne William?

To paraphrase Mrs Merton from years ago. The slightly balding heir to the throne and future King Wills(Copyright UK population)was confident enough that the marriage was still on, so he stepped out in public for first time with the lovely Kate Middleton. The occasion? Naming a lifeboat! That old chestnut! Not quite the QE2 but you cant jump the water based vehicle queue just because your Mum died.
Taking a day off from whatever there is to do in Angelsey, the locals gathered to get a glimpse (literally)of Wills and bit of skirt Kate.
 What is it about tehse Royal visists that make locals act odd? The local council cleaned the streets and repainted road signs, forgetting William lives in the area and being a helicopter pilot has likely seen Angelsey at its worst already!
 Old people gave Kate flowers and a picture of William and one old timer tried his luck for a kiss before Secret Service shot him dead(sadly that's not true). Sensibly wearing gloves,skin to skin contact with Royal "bits of fluff" is forbidden.So everyone knew she ws going to be a Princess of Wales she wore soem hair accessory with the Prince of Wales emblem on it. Unconfirmed reports say her knickers were Union Jack design.
 Seriously the couple did well on the PR stakes,shaking hands ,meeting public freely, Kate was all smiles and seemed quite personable, so maybe with a hint of Diana's legacy going on. What will happen after their marriage when they are both living in Angelsey, can't imagine them popping into Waitrose on a regular basis. From a photographer side,it was interesting as I've never photographed a Royal before, and likely seen most Press in one place ever too.Shooting from a step ladder meant no eye contact with the couple, but it was an experience and unless a wedding invite is in the post it's likely a long while before I see them again.See more shots Press and PR Photography
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